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Domonique Brown is an illustrator and graphic designer whose art defies traditional pictorial representation. Using a range of minimalist figures and vibrant colors, her works feature men and women of color who might not otherwise be portrayed, in the hopes others can see a representation of their culture and identity and feel empowered.

"My art is a celebration of diversity and invites viewers to engage in a debate about the accepted notions of race and representation.”

- Domonique Brown


Perfect for every room in your home from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond—our range of wall art options were made to fit any budget or space.

"James Baldwin" Print
  • From $35.00
"Stay Home No. 1" Print
  • From $35.00
"Angela Davis" Print
  • From $35.00
"Stay Home No. 7" Print
  • From $35.00


Take your distinct style with you wherever you go.

"Basquiat" Unisex Sweatshirt
  • $40.00
"Black Hair" Unisex Sneakers
  • $74.99
"Basquiat" Unisex Sneakers
  • $74.99
"Black Art Matters" Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • $40.00


Decor To Make Your House A Home.

"Rich Man" Pillow
  • From $35.00
"Black Hair No. 15" Plate
  • From $25.00
"Bamboo Earring" Plate
  • From $25.00
"Dream Big" Candle
  • $40.00


Accessories…They’re The Spice Of Life.

"I'm Speaking" Sticker
  • From $7.00
"Shirley Chisholm" Enamel Pin
  • $20.00
"Ruth Bader Ginsburg" Tote bag
  • $35.00
"Red Sun" phone case
  • $30.00

I bought 5 prints and they far exceeded my expectations! They look amazing on my wall and the shop owner was an absolute joy to work with. I will definitely be ordering more in the future!


Amazing prints! Delivered on time and couldn’t have been more pleased with them. Thank you!


Bought a print as a gift and my friend loved it! Beautiful work!


My stickers arrived very quickly and look great on my computer :)