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Free Shipping on all US Orders | Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna

Nice to Meet You.

Hi, we're DomoINK!

We're Out to Pay Homage to Black Culture.

It started with the artist of DomoINK, Domonique Brown looking for home decor for her new home. She noticed that the big box stores had no black art on the shelves. So, she started DomoINK to provide allow others the opportunity to preserve black heritage -- contributing art, apparel, and home decor.

Meet the Artist, Domonique Brown.

Domonique Brown is an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, CA and native to Pomona, CA. Her portraits are a celebration of diversity - showcasing the underrepresented, so viewers can see a depiction of their identity and feel empowered.

"Our voices, ideas, and stories still remain unspoken for, in the art world." Striving to be a part of a new level of discussion, the artist explains, “I want my portraits to tell unknown stories. I want people of color to be represented.”

Brown’s artwork has been featured in Forbes, Target, Urban Outfitters, Buzzfeed, Insecure on HBO, and more.

What We Stand For

DomoINK was created to champion people of color. Every item on this shop was curated or designed with the idea of giving love to the underrepresented.

At DomoINK, we have zero tolerance for racism and systemic oppression. We ask that our employees, partners, and our customers uphold these values as well.